Addictions Counselling

Drugs Addiction Counselling

Addiction is a chronic illness. It is more than a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Even after detox, individuals are still at high risk for relapse as certain psychological and social factors can act as powerful triggers for the urge to use. Triggers can be things like stress, environmental cues, or social networks. Counselling can help you learn to recognize triggers in your life that put you at risk for relapse, and help you manage them in a helpful way. Counselling can also help you learn positive coping strategies that are needed to replace the addictive behaviours that once helped you cope in the short term. Additionally, counselling can help you stay motivated to maintain your abstinence from drugs or alcohol through encouragement and helping you remain focused on personal values.

You may benefit from addictions counselling if:

  • You have used substances in a way that is dangerous to yourself and/or others
  • You are experiencing relationship problems or conflicts directly related to substance use
  • You are failing to meet your responsibilities at work, home, or school due to substance use
  • When you stop using the substance, you experience withdrawal symptoms
  • You have tried to cut back or quit and have not been successful
  • You experience cravings for the substance
  • You spend a lot of your time using or seeking out the substance
  • Your substance use has led to physical or mental health problems
Addictions Therapy