How trauma affects our bodies and leads to dysfunction

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How trauma affects our bodies and leads to dysfunction

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms our bodies and minds. It’s an experience that makes us feel unsafe, and changes how we see the world, others, and/or ourselves. These experiences can leave us incredibly vulnerable and can lead to physiological changes in our nervous system that affect our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Traumatic experiences can […]

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Self-Care Ideas

Finding the time for self-care can be difficult in today’s world. Even when we do have some time, we can feel lost as to what we might need to fill our cups. Here are some ideas to try if you’re feeling stuck or drained in certain areas of your life. Physical Self-Care Ideas Eat healthy […]

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The Power Of Us

Every person on this planet has come face to face with pain and suffering. It is the human condition to experience these things, time after time, in one form or another. As Kate Bowler so eloquently put it, there is no cure for being human. This truth can come with a sense of heartbreak, as […]

common myths about self compassion

Common Myths about self-compassion

What initially comes to your mind when you think of self-compassion? If you’re like most people, you might conjure up an image of weakness or self-indulgence, and you may feel suspicious and threatened by the idea of letting yourself embrace it. Unfortunately, Western culture has traditionally demoted self-compassion as a dishonourable trait. Many theories behind […]

Why self-compassion is essential to healing

Why self-compassion is essential to healing

Compassion is the only response to suffering that makes sense. Compassion is the mindful awareness of, and emotional courage to connect with suffering, as well as the caring motivation to help alleviate and prevent it. Compassion can be directed toward others and ourselves, although the latter seems to be perplexingly more difficult, which is an […]